Banquet Chairs For Christmas and New Years

Banquet Chairs For Christmas and New Years

Now that Christmas and New Year celebrations approach many clubs, hotels and restaurants are thinking about how they will accommodate the extra customers that these busy times should include. It can be difficult to store and pay for enough extra conventional trunk rooms throughout the year and it is often not cost effective because even though the revenue generated during this short period is significant, it is of course only one month a year. One way to avoid this problem is to rent in the extra furniture needed.

There are many companies throughout the UK specializing in this and have large stock of banquet furniture that can be employed in the short or medium term at a reasonable cost. These companies understand the importance of service these peak times and can offer banquet chairs or tables at daily, weekly or monthly rates. An average price for banquet chairs for the day is about £ 2 per chair, but often these companies will have very discounted rates for weekly or monthly use because most of their costs are generated to deliver and collect bankets.

The price for a weeks rent is often only twice as much as the daily rate and maybe 6 times the daily rate for a whole month. This sounds like great value, but recently, companies specializing in the sale of banquet furniture forced by the global economic downturn to significantly reduce the prices of their range to maintain their sales.

Right now, a quick search on Google under stacking chairs or banquet chairs will offer a host of companies offering banquet furniture with prices on padded chairs on padded chairs under 12, which is half the lowest price available only a few years ago and is equal to the price that the hotel owner would pay for monthly rent. Many of these banquets are imported from the Far East, so it is very important for the buyer to ensure that the frames have been tested for the strength of an independent, and most British test company, such as the FIRA furniture industry research association and that the clothing and foam filling are flame retardants and conform with the regulations for furniture and furnishings Safety 1988. These steel chairs are attractive and functional and are offered with the added benefit that they can be stacked so that one of the objections to buying a lot of furniture for short term top demand is overcome to partly. These festive chairs can be purchased with gold frame color that is most popular for times of party or in other colors, silver and black are also popular. The frame structure is also available in a variety of shapes, from the simple square design to the more decorative balloon back.

For a more exclusive look, the same designs of party chairs can be found with an aluminum frame, usually in a thicker 25 mm quartz tube, which, even though it looks more significant than the steel part, is actually about 25 percent lighter, making them easier to transport when not used. Since the aluminum pipe is made with an extrusion process, it is possible to have an attractive ribbed design on the frame tubes with a little extra cost. Aluminum banquet chairs begin around 20 kr including clothing. Like the steel chairs, they are available in standard British standard colors and have recently been fitted with a wood effect with a printed film process applied to the aluminum pipe after the chair has been manufactured and then baked on the frame in an oven. This can be very effective and makes the chairs adapted to decorations that have a more traditional look. The process gives a finish that is as durable as powder coating.

Other very popular banquet chairs are the classic wood designs originally manufactured in birch wood by the Thonet bentwood factories in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Romania and Hungary. Up to a few years ago, these were the only countries where these chairs were made, but in recent years, price pressure has encouraged suppliers to find factories in China, Malaysia and Vietnam that are willing to produce these chairs as copies of original samples. These are often made of rubber wood from Eastern manufacturers. This wood is much less resilient than the European birch tree, and when used on chairs as well framed as this, the result is a chair that has a much shorter useful life, although the price is often 20 30 percent lower than the European manufactured banquet chairs.

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